A Music Video on 35mm Still Film / by Colum O'Dwyer

Last year Anthony aka Floor Staff asked me to shoot a music video for him.  I was given the rather remarkable song Saviour to work with.  It's now February and Ive finally shot it and I'm 99 % finished & I'm STILL not sick of the tune.  It's whooper.

Mr. Bob Gallagher was kind enough to produce for us.

The idea?

I had a box full of expired 35mm film - Fujicolor 200 that had expired in 2009 and I had been wanting to use it.  I decided that this was the project and set about coming up with an idea to suit.

I didn't want to make something that was about the individuals involved, I wanted to speak in generalities. So... I wanted to go for a Francis Bacon type blur when-ever we saw the actors faces.

Would the film be unpredictable give it's age and the fact I had been (purposefully) storing it above a radiator on a shelf for the past year or so? Yes.  Did I care? Not so much.  

Personally I love a grainy image that seems like it's so frail it's ready to disintegrate at any moment.  It gives the individual frames a greater emotion weight in some strange way I feel.

The End Result?

1,476 frames of nicely gnarly, pleasantly grainy 35mm film stills shot at a slow shutter speed to give a sense of motion and movement.  I shot between 1/10th to 1/25th whenever motion was involved.

Basically we had a stop motion video on our hands.

I've included some stills from the set below & below that some screengrabs from the Work In Progress.

Very excited to be presenting this to the world next week.

FILM (35mm Fujicolor 200, expired 2009, unedited)

DIGITAL test shots