New York

In N.Y.C to meet The Skin Deep by Colum O'Dwyer

At the end of September I traveled to New York to meet with the creative team behind The Skin Deep; the company behind the Emmy Award winning documentary series The And (Although they don't like to mention that too much).


I was lucky enough to be chosen to Produce and Direct an Irish version of the series to add to what they call their 'Global Relationship Project'.  So, I was in upstate NYC to be introduced formally to the format and how to do things The Skin Deep way.

I was joined with other creative souls from all over the globe and had a great time meeting some inspiring and amazing people.  As I type this, I can't wait to start filming at home - But first, I must find a location.

I felt both lucky and honoured to have been chosen, I will after all soon be making my own version of an Emmy award winning series.

(They may not like saying it, but I don't mind...)

While taking in the sights I naturally took some photos...

(Expired) Film for fun.  Digital for work.